Dr. Marie Cayo is very thorough and provides excellent care to her patients. She takes the time to educate patients so they understand the therapy process. Her office staff is friendly and professional. My lower back pains have greatly improved. I highly recommend Dr. Marie Cayo!
F. R.

I have received excellent treatment for my lower back pain from Dr Cayo. I suffer from spinal stenosis and her treatments have alleviated the pressure I’ve been having on my lower back. Great Experience.
Blanca T.

I am a patient of Dr. Cayo since September 2013. I came to her for severe back pain, which I’ve had for 7 years.

I went to a pain doctor who give me some strong meds that keep me numb.

I took a chance and started to go to Dr. Cayo, she has help me with the pain, so much that I don’t take the pain meds anymore. And not only has she helped the pain but she has help with my epilepsy. I was getting seizures at least 3-4 times a month. Since doing the treatment I have not had any. I have had an EEG done and it has come back normal.

Thank you so very much,
Sandra Luna

To Spinal Health Care of Orlando

During the first week of July 2012 I started with a stiff low back pain – as days + weeks went by the back was unbearable.

That’s when I decided to go to a chiropractor. The last week of July 2012 I had my first appointment with Dr. Cayo, by the 5th visit I immediately there after started to have improvements. Not only have been improving, my allergies, sinus congestion, sneezing bouts completely disappeared- thanks to Dr Marie Cayo and her treatment. This is amazing! awsome!

Emilio Cruz

Hello Everyone,

I am Nicasio Rivera. Two months ago I visited Dr Cayo’s office because I was suffering from strong lower back pain. The pain was due to an injury at the gym but Dr. Cayo discovered something else, a subluxation. Since the first therapy in which Dr Cayo started to adjust my spine I started to feel better. Now, two month after my first therapy, I am really healed.

Dr Cayo is very professional, has extraordinary equipment and a wonderful and professional staff.

Thank you Dr. Cayo.
Nicasio Rivera

I walked into Dr. Cayo’s office, psychologically, physically, and emotionally drained and exhausted from chronic pain that posed an enormous disability for me, daily, to enlist her help. Agreeing to take me on as her patient, immediately, sheand herr knowledgeable staff provided a brief consult, took x-rays and computer imaging scans to identify the areas of concern, and associated areas of extreme discomfort.

Advised to come back the following day, x-rays and imaging scans revealed a dislocation on my brain stem–supporting my research and functioning. FINALLY, I felt relieved and hopeful the origin of my distress could be improved with her assistance.

Although continued visits are important to ones’s overall success, after four visits, I recognized consistent improvement! Unequivocally, Dr. Cayo is a chiropractic champion, and her techniques are a practical solution–in contrast to internal medicine.

Moreover, at a fraction of the cost versus treatment with medicine, Dr.Marie should be everyone’s physician of choice. Without hesitation, I would recommend her as one of the leading Chiropractic Center’s, treating chronic pain, in Florida.

Dr. Marie, I will be eternally grateful to you and your staff for opening your doors, and your skills to the many of us that depend and rely upon you to reduce pain.

“Delivered to us, in our time of need, big things come in small packages!”. See you again, soon.

Thank you,
Sue Folz

LIVING PROOF THAT…Chiropractic Works!!!

Health Problems before Chiropractic Care:
Blood Pressure was above normal 137/94. It was very difficult to keep it normal. I also had a difficult time reading because of my eye sight.

What treatments have you tried?
I’ve tried a lot of exercise and herb treatments. I always tried to stay away from prescription medication

What has Chiropractic done for you and your family?
I am very proud to say that today after three weeks of treatment, my blood pressure is normal (120/80). I can see better with my glasses and sometimes be able to read without them. As I continue with my treatment, I am confident that my general health will improve significantly.

Eddy Desir


I’m a patient of Dr. Cayo. I came to her office with my low back pain. I couldn’t move, sit, just could walk slowly like a robot. After a few treatments, I felt like in a new body. When I finished all of treatments of therapy, I was really healed. It was an awesome improvement. Dr. Cayo is very professional, and has a wonderful, caring, and friendly staff.

Thank you very much,
Sarka Fialova

LIVING PROOF THAT…Chiropractic Works!!!

Health Problems before Chiropractic Care:
I had a lot of pain in my back, especially in my neck.

What treatments have you tried?
I took sleeping pills, pain killers, and other different types of medication for my pain.

What has Chiropractic done for you and your family?
Its been many years since I started walking with a cane because of my back problems. After starting my chiropractic treatment, I started walking again without a cane. I no longer need the medication that I was taking and my personal life have also gotten better. I am very grateful for these changes.

Leonor Lopez-Ramírez