1. Reduce wear and tear

Being active takes a big toll on the body

Competing can lead to spinal misalignments

Reduce the long-term effects with regular adjustments

2. Treat injuries without drugs

Overcome common injuries without medication

Get treatment without side effects or the risk of dependency

Treatments may include:

  • Active release technique
  • Graston technique
  • Electrical muscle stimulation

3. Enhance performance

Get preventative treatments before injuries occur

Regular adjustments help to keep the body in peak condition

Adjustments can treat minor injuries before they cause sumptoms

4. Decrease post-game pain

Activity can cause joint and muscle soreness

Chiropractors ensure that the spine isn’t causing pain

Alignments can take pressure off of nerves and surrounding tissue

5. Increase flexibility

Regular adjustments keep muscles and joints limber

Many athletes get treatment to increase their flexibility

Maintaining flexible joints can help to prevent injuries

By: spineandrehab.com

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